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I am Hesmarie Durant, an afrikaans girl. I have 1 furry child that rules our house. In 2009 I moved to Cape Town and decided to become a music teacher. In 2014 I followed my dream of doing photography part time and was fortunate to do my internship. I’m thankful for every person for giving me the chance to learn and help me grow. In 2015 I decided to go solo and Hesmarie Photography was born and I started developing my own style.

I registered with the South African Birth Photographers Association, and the beauty of sharing that special moments with the babies parents is the best time as a photographer. Working with children and animals is a great love of mine and to capture the unconditional love they have to give that truly makes me a happy person. I love being creative and working with people who want to make their memories last a lifetime is so great. My personal style is using natural light and creating images that tells a story and in the most natural way, I capture life as we see it.

Creative. Friendly. Energetic. Honest.

072 842 9251